Factory & Facilities

As a corrugated cardboard box manufacturer, our primary mission is to deliver to you the packaging solution that best fits your needs.

Second only to our people, our factory is our biggest asset. Manufacturing right here in East Sussex enables us to offer exceptional levels of reliability across the region. Because we aren’t a middle man, we can react instantly to your business needs. Together with our warehousing and vehicle fleet, we provide all the strengths of a distributor without the weaknesses.
We’d be delighted for the opportunity to give you a tour of our facilities, just give us a call. In the meantime, click on the links below to learn more about the machinery that allows us to serve you so well…

Regular Cardboard Boxes

Flexo-Folder-Gluer (FFG)
Our flexo-folder-gluer is the king of our castle, manufacturing cardboard boxes at speeds in excess of 10,000 units per hour. It prints, folds and glues inline, before strapping boxes in bundles before palletisation. 3 Colour Printing gives you the option for that extra special finish to your boxes. Read More.
Printer Slotter
A printer slotter machine does what it says on the tin…or box. It prints and scores and creases the board to leave you with the box you need. Generally these designs and simplified over die-cut boxes but if its fit for purpose, why over complicate it? In-line printing also allows us to add a touch of branding and individuality to your boxes, exposing your brand to more and more people. Read More.
Cardboard Box Machine Printer Slotter
Manufacturing die cut boxes.

Flat Bed Die Cutter
Like a giant cookie cutter, our Bobst Visioncut is an industry leading flat-bed die cutter for rapid manufacturing of corrugated cardboard boxes. Read on to learn more about how this superb bit of kit allows us to create versatile cardboard box design that do more than simply package products. Click Here.
Rotary Cutter
Quick and simple, the rotary die cutter has plenty of advantages over the flat-bed die cut machine. Without boring you with the details however, it really comes down to the individual job. As part of our service, our designer will look at the most efficient way to manufacture your box to get you the very best service and product. Read More.
Rotary Die Cutter for Cardboard Boxes
Final Preparation

Each has slight pros and cons, but largely stiching and gluing comes down to personal preference and suitability for purpose. Fortunately, whatever your perspective, we can do both. Read More.
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