Challenge Packaging is able to supply full colour custom printed boxes in a wide variety of formats suitable for any customer. Printed boxes can be achieved via various methods including flexo, digital or litho printing methods.

Why Choose Custom Printed Boxes?

Custom printed boxes are a great way of extending your brand to demonstrate a greater degree of professionalism to customers. Whether its a simple logo applied to your cardboard box, or a multi-colour graphic design, a custom printed box showcases your brand throughout its packaging and delivery.

Custom printed boxes also open up new avenues for communication with your customers. Returns labels or instructions can be printed onto the box, or even special offers and invitations for customer feedback. By purchasing a custom printed box, your box becomes more than simply a case for the product, it becomes a reinforcing marketing tool. Custom printed boxes are also a great way to communicate with the people handling your boxes through the supply chain. Printing instructions such as ‘handle with care’ onto your boxes ensures that message is delivered where a label may fall off.

High quality custom printed boxes can also help to reinforce your brand values to the customer. High-end products are expected to be encased in high-end packaging and custom printed boxes are a great way to meet that expectation.

What are the possibilities with custom printed boxes?

Challenge Packaging is able to supply custom printed boxes made with either flexographic (flexo), digital, or lithographic (litho) printing techniques – each with its own advantages.

Flexo printing can be called the cheapest print technique we can offer, though having invested heavily in this area┬áChallenge’s print quality is up there with the very best. We are able to offer custom printed boxes up to three colour with flexo print making it a brilliant solution for outer cases where artwork requirements are typically simpler, or 1 to 3 colour jobs. It is also perfectly suited for the printing of registration marks and ID numbers. Bear in mind however, that Flexo printing is similar to Litho printing and requires some stereo investment (don’t worry, speak to us if this is a concern). This means that it takes a certain amount of volume to offset the cost
Flexo Printed Boxes

Digital printing is advancing all the time and allows for full four colour printing to a quality nearing that of litho. However, digital is without the setup costs of litho printing, making it great for high quality short to medium runs of custom printed boxes. Generally speaking, it is more expensive per unit than flexo printing however, so is typically used for on-the-shelf products to the end user. Alternatively, it can be great for very small runs.

Litho printing offers the very best quality and becomes cheaper than digital printing over longer runs, though investment in litho plates is significant. This makes it a good solution for high quality printed boxes that are manufactured in high volumes where that cost can be offset.

Litho Printed Boxes

You can learn more about custom printed boxes by speaking to a member of our sales team on 01825 748 800. Alternatively, if you know your requirements already, complete our custom box quote request form here.


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