Design Facilities

The first part of the journey towards manufacturing cardboard boxes starts with great design. At Challenge Packaging we have invested over the years in both the machinery and expertise to offer you unbeatable knowledge in corrugated products.

So whether you’re buying a simple cardboard box, or an elaborate packaging solution for a complex product, our design team is here to offer you the right solution.

The design process starts with an evaluation of your product and how it’s currently packaged. We consider not just the box that you’re already buying, but how it interacts with and protects your product, and even how your staff handle it. We aim to ensure not just that the cardboard box performs well in protecting your product, but that it performs well throughout your packing and warehousing operations to help drive efficiency in your business.

After a concept is created, our team draw your cardboard box solution to precise detail using specialised box design CAD software. It then transfers within seconds to our CAD table for sample generation. Depending on the complexity of the job, this can be within mere minutes meaning you can make an enquiry one day and receive a sample the next.

In-house design is one of our most important assets setting us out from the crowd. To find out more about this service, and how it links in with our PERS programme, enquire today.

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