Global Ecommerce Company

What they say…

Challenge have been working with us for the past 2 years and have been an integral part of both a significant re-branding exercise and also helping to drive efficiency within the fulfilment area of the business whilst helping us to reduce postage costs across our worldwide operation. Their creativity with designs and brand awareness has transformed our packaging without increasing our costs. We are a fast moving and dynamic business and expect our suppliers to be the same and Challenge more than meet that criteria which makes them our preferred supplier in this area of our business,they consistently deliver what we demand

The Need:

With the client shipping to countries all over the world, most notably Australia and an existing combination of 7 boxes, the client was looking for a saving in shipping costs and an increase in package density which were resulting in fines from national mailing authorities.

The Solution:

A multi-depth box was developed to enable the client to use only 3 boxes in place of their previous 7 that further allowed each package to be tailored to its contents, reducing empty space in packaging. Increased shipping density appeased mailing authorities across the world and enabled our client to achieve a saving of over £100k in postage rates and avoided fines.

Multi-depth boxes had the additional benefit of significantly reducing the need for infill, spend of which was reduced by £19k in the first year.

Benefits beyond packaging…

As well as improved relations with their key partners overseas, our client was presented with a drastically simpler packing solution that served to improve packing time with packers only having to choose one of three boxes per order. Training in the warehouse was consequently simplified too. The shift onto new corrugated boxes also presented the client with a rebranding opportunity. Printed in-house at Challenge, the new boxes offered a striking brand presence in the supply chain. Finally, the environmental benefit of increasing density in air shipments was a significant bonus to the client and their ISO 14001 accreditation.