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**Some deliveries may incur additional carriage charges - Due to location or volume. (N.Ireland, Scottish Highlands, Isle Of Wight, etc)**

PERS: The Perfect Packaging Cost Reduction Solution For Your Business

Whatever your business sells, packaging is always a crucial step in giving your customers a memorable experience. Yet it is easy for companies to overlook the role of a streamlined packaging procedure in keeping production costs low whilst still delivering a high-quality product.  

Luckily, Challenge Packaging’s in-house Packaging Expense Reduction Service (PERS) can supply your business with all the guidance you need to optimise your cost reduction techniques in packaging, from the warehouse to your customers’ homes.  

Streamline your packaging processes through our three-step packaging cost reduction assessment.

The PERS process is designed to give you an informed packaging cost reduction assessment in three simple steps: 

1. Review your packaging costs 

The first step towards improving your packaging efficiency is to assess your current packaging procedure. An expert member of our team will visit your business’s site to audit the packaging you use and how you use it, identifying areas for improvement. 

2. Taking steps to minimise excess costs 

Using our learnings from the site visit, we produce a customised strategy to help your business reduce packaging costs.  

3. Save money on packaging 

Finally, we instigate the changes, and you save money on packaging costs!