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Moving Boxes and Packaging for Moving


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< 1 > 15 Results

What are moving boxes?

Perfect for when all your possessions need to be transported, moving boxes are designed to help you complete house and office moves easily, and with as little hassle as possible. They’re usually strong and durable, so whether they’re transporting kitchenware, clothes, paperwork or equipment, your items stay protected during transit. 

What type of cardboard moving boxes are available? 

Single wall moving boxes

Single wall cardboard boxes are constructed from two outer layers of strong paper, with a single layer of corrugated cardboard between them, forming the ‘single wall’. They’re useful for packaging items up to 10KG in weight. 

Double wall moving boxes

These durable packaging boxes are formed of two extra strong boards, and feature two layers of corrugated paper between them to reinforce the box’s structure. You should consider double wall cardboard moving boxes if you’re transporting heavier, bulkier items up to 45kg. For further information on the weight capacity of our boxes, check out our corrugated board-grade guides.

Packaging for moving

Van blankets 

Despite the precautions you may take inside the boxes, it’s good to make sure every base is covered, which means cushioning the boxes themselves while they’re on the move. This is where van blankets can come in, providing protection not only for things that are packaged within cardboard, but also larger, unboxed items too. 

Wardrobe box bars

Who wants to take all their clothes off the hangers, fold them, pack them, and then have to unfold and rehang them all when they're in their new home? We’re willing to bet you’d rather not - it’s time consuming, and you risk creased fabrics! Wardrobe box bars fit within cardboard wardrobe boxes so that you can hang your clothes like they were in the wardrobe, with the added protection of the box around them. 

Eco loose fill

Chances are you’ve got some breakables coming with you as part of your house move, and eco loose fill can be super handy for cushioning them within boxes. Our eco loose fills the voids within your packaging without harming the planet, as the starch-based material acts like polystyrene. 

Large bubble wrap

Sometimes, you can’t do without bubble wrap when you’re moving house, to ensure that delicate items get to where they need to be without incident. Our low density polythene bubble wrap is reusable  and made from 50% recycled materials, ideal for protecting fragile goods again and again. 


Paper is often all you need to separate items within your large moving boxes, so stock up on paper before you start packaging to ensure you’ve got it handy when packaging smaller items. 

Moving house kits

To really take the pressure off of finding the essentials you need in order to move your belongings to a new home, consider a moving house kit. Available in three different sizes, moving house kits provide various sizes of cardboard boxes for moving, as well as retail tape, tissue paper, and in some size kits, wardrobe bars and wardrobe boxes. 

What are the benefits of cardboard house moving boxes?

The benefits of using cardboard boxes to move house as opposed to bags or just loose include:


It’s easier to find what you need when you’re unpacking in your new home. 

Space saving 

When you’ve hired a removal van, every centimetre counts!


Proper packaging prevents breakage and loss, so nothing is sacrificed for the move.

How should you pack your cardboard boxes for moving house?

Firstly, be mindful of the weight capacity for the box you’re using - you don’t want the bottom to drop out! Put heavier items at the bottom of the box, with lighter items on top, avoid mixing items from different rooms, and try to minimise empty space within boxes that could see your goods rattle around. 

Why choose Challenge Packaging for moving house boxes?

When it comes to boxes for moving, we’re the experts here at Challenge Packaging; we’re proud to produce strong and durable boxes that you can trust with your most treasured possessions. In addition to these, we’re able to offer you eco-friendly and reusable packaging products that complement our boxes to ensure that everything gets from A to B safely and securely. 

You could say that for moving home, we’re the full package! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Challenge Packaging products available for delivery? 

Yes, delivery is available on all products, and for orders over £100 it’s free, too. 

How are your moving boxes packaged for delivery? 

Your moving boxes will arrive flat packed for convenience and easy assembly. 

What size are the double wall and single wall moving boxes available in? 

There’s too many sizes to mention! Both types of box are available in a range of different sizes, from small to large. 

What moving kit would you recommend for a 1-2 bedroom house? 

Moving kit 1 is ideal for a 1-2 bed. Moving kit 2 is perfect for 2-3, and moving kit 3 is ideal for 3-4 bedrooms. 

What size are the van blankets? 

The dimensions of a van blanket are 203.25cm x 152.5cm. 

Why is eco loose fill better than polystyrene chips?

The raw materials, manufacturing process and recyclability of eco loose fill are all better environmentally compared to polystyrene. For example, eco loose fill is made from annually renewable corn starch, which happens to be 100% home compostable (EN13432), reusable and can be recycled at the end of its life. Polystyrene, on the other hand, is oil-based, and can only be used once. It also fails to be biodegradable or recyclable. 

Can your packaging tape be used with a tape dispenser? 

Yes, it can. In fact, we’d recommend it - it’s so much easier, and there’s less waste!