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Packaging Tape

Challenge Packaging is proud to offer many different types of packaging tape, each with qualities that make them suited to a variety of packaging processes, lengths of transit, and surface types. Thanks to our years of experience, and a packing tape range that features strong, durable, and, often, eco-friendly options, businesses from across a spectrum of industries can package and dispatch their goods with confidence.

From recyclable paper tape and super strong gummed paper tape to machine tape compatible with automatic taping machines, we’ve got everything you need to keep your packages secure.


< 1 > 9 Results

< 1 > 9 Results

What would a parcel be without tape? Integral to the packaging process, packaging tape secures cardboard boxes and other packaging to keep it secure and protected during transit. It’s usually strong and durable to withstand movement, moisture, and temperature changes.

A wide variety of packaging tapes

We sell a variety of different tapes so that you can choose the best one for the package you’re sending. This includes paper tape, gummed tape, and plastic tape so that you can select the right one for you.

What types of adhesive tape are available? 

Printed warning tape

When sending fragile goods, those handling the package need to be extra careful. Warning tape alerts couriers and postal workers that the goods inside should be moved with care. Our warning tape is made from low noise polypropylene, which is weather resistant, and can be used with a handheld tape dispenser. 

Crossweave tape

For extra peace of mind, crossweave tape is reinforced to provide tear resistance and therefore keep the contents of your parcel more secure. It’s also no stretch and should be used for UN certified packaging as part of regulatory compliance, as it’s certified for sealing goods or packages that are hazardous or dangerous. 

Packing tape

This economical low-noise clear and brown packing tape is ideal for sealing everyday packages, keeping them secure in transit and weather resistant. Packing tape is available in three strengths: up to 40kg, up to 60kg, and up to 80kg, ensuring that you get the right one for your package’s weight. 

Crossweave paper tape

Crossweave paper tape is strong, robust, and super adhesive, making it an excellent way to package your products in a way that will protect them on their journey. Composed of reinforced backing and crossweave of strong synthetic fibres, it is tear resistant and can easily withstand the rigours of handling. 

Gummed paper tape

Requiring water to activate the adhesive gum, this paper tape is best used from a tape dispenser to provide a 100% recyclable, plastic free alternative to traditional packaging tape. We’d recommend gummed paper tape for international packages due to its strength and moisture resistance. 

Machine tape

Automatic taping machines provide ultimate efficiency when it comes to packaging your goods, and our durable machine tape can be used in conjunction with these. Our polypropylene machine tape is robust and all-purpose, suitable for fixing paper, board and plastics.

Adhesive paper tape

Recyclable, biodegradable and easy to tear; there’s lots to love about our adhesive paper tape. It’s an eco-friendly option for packaging your goods, particularly when applied to cardboard from a tape dispenser. It’s worth noting that we don’t chlorinate or bleach our adhesive paper tape. 

Handheld tape dispensers 

Say goodbye to fiddling around with scissors and the bits of tape that get stuck together and fall by the wayside; handheld tape dispensers make packaging easy. It’s easy to use, simple to load with a variety of tape sizes, and you’ll get evenly distributed tape every time. 

Why choose Challenge Packaging?

As a family-run packaging specialist with an emphasis on sustainability, we’re proud to help businesses and individuals find everything they need to package and send their goods securely without harming the planet. From cardboard boxes and postal boxes to bubble wrap and packaging tape, your recipient can look forward to opening a perfectly protected product. 


Which of your packaging tapes are recyclable?
Our adhesive paper tape and gummed paper tape are both 100% recyclable.
What are your delivery times?
If we receive and process your order before 3pm on a weekday, you can expect a 1-2 day delivery - your tape will be with you in no time!
Are tapes available in different dimensions? 
Some of our tapes are available in different dimensions - check the product details before you order.