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It’s incredible to see the positive impact of recycling, and the growing awareness of environmental issues at the consumer’s end. But the buck doesn’t stop with them; far from it -- it’s up to organisations to enact proactive corporate social responsibility policies to properly tackle the climate crisis we face in order to have the biggest positive impact.

At Challenge Packaging, we live and breathe our 2025 sustainability pledge – not only in the nature of the products we supply, such as plastic-free tapereusable bubble wrap and compostable eco loose fill, but also in our internal culture and practices. By returning cardboard, paper and other materials into the manufacturing process to be recycled, we’re proud to be reducing our carbon footprint and contributing towards a healthier planet.’

We recycle all our waste cardboard and paper into new product, as well as maintaining the cleanest levels hygiene within our manufacturing process, both approaches reducing the amount of waste generate and, therefore, the need to recycle in the first place.

Cardboard, card, paper, aluminium and certain plastics can be recycled. This excludes polystyrene, plastic film, plastic tape and items with glitter, so try to avoid these items by switching to sustainable alternatives like eco-friendly tape or eco loose fill. Being mindful of the packaging you’re using by choosing recyclable options and disposing of it correctly is the best way to prevent waste from going to landfills and protecting the planet. If everyone recycles correctly, the UK’s gifting date waste will decrease by as much as 374,000 tonnes – roughly the same weight as 5,000 blue whales! 

Did you know? Packaging Online ships around 26 tonnes of cardboard for recycling per day, equating to 1,196 gallons of oil saved.  

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