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Tape Dispensers

Packaging by hand can be a time-consuming process, particularly as you scale your business; if you can relate, chances are you’re on the lookout for processes that make it quicker and easier. Enter the tape dispenser! These handy items made packaging your goods a dream; here’s everything you need to know about our tape dispensers.
  • Tape is evenly distributed, reducing waste

  • Easy to hold and handle, no training required

  • All-in-one item, no scissors necessary

  • Available in a range of sizes

  • Stock standard size items that can fit a variety of tapes


Number of Units
Est. Dispatch Date 29 February 2024


    What is a tape dispenser?

    A tape dispenser is a handheld gadget that allows you to hold and dispense tape at the same time, with a mechanism included that can shear the tape without the involvement of your hands or scissors. 

    Why use a tape dispenser?

    Not only do tape dispensers make it faster and less fiddly to apply tape to your packaging, it also lets you control waste, and distribute the tape more evenly to ensure your parcel is secured adequately. 

    How to use a tape dispenser

    Simply load your chosen tape onto your tape dispenser with the sticky side down; thread the end of the tape through as directed, and get going with your packaging, letting the pistol action and built-in blade take on a lot of the work. 

    How to order a tape dispenser 

    We have 4 different types of tape dispenser available here at Challenge Packaging; simply select the one you need and add it to your order. Complete your transaction securely online and await the fast delivery of your tape dispenser. 

    Why choose Challenge Packaging? 

    As a packaging supplier that is as committed to offering a full range of packaging products, excellent customer service and speedy delivery times as it is to sustainability, Challenge Packaging really is the ‘full package’. 

    We pride ourselves on being a go-to packaging company, stocking a wide variety of packaging materials, as well as the tools you need to ship your goods quickly and securely. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What tape can I use with my tape dispenser?

    Many of the tapes we sell here at Challenge Packaging are compatible with tape dispensers, such as our adhesive paper tape, and gummed paper tape. Simply check that the tape you’re looking to order is compatible. 

    Do I need to use scissors with my tape dispenser? 

    No, that’s the beauty of a tape dispenser - one click and the built-in blade does the job for you. 

    What types of tape dispensers does Challenge Packaging stock?

    Choose between a 2” universal tape dispenser, a 2” tape dispenser with a safe blade, a 50mm reinforced tape dispenser, and a 3” tape dispenser with a safe blade. 

    Are tape dispensers comfortable to hold? 

    Yes, tape dispensers are comfortable to hold, and are designed to be held in one hand. 

    What is the delivery cut off time for tape dispensers?

    Orders that we receive by 3pm on weekdays are put on our 1-2 day delivery turnaround. Orders that come through after 3pm on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays up to 3pm should be delivered on the following Tuesday or Wednesday.


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