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Second only to our people, our factory is our biggest asset. Manufacturing right here in East Sussex enables us to offer exceptional levels of reliability across the region. Because we aren’t a middleman, we can react instantly to your business needs. Together with our warehousing and vehicle fleet, we provide all the strengths a manufacturer provides with the flexibility of a distributor’s network.

We are proud of our industry leading facilities and would love to give you a tour; just give us a call. In the meantime, use the links below to find out more about Challenge.

  • 110,000 sq. ft. Headquarters

  • 3000+ pallet fleet

  • 10+ vehicle fleet

  • Design Lab and Customer Experience centre

  • Uniquely positioned in the southeast



Regardless of what packaging you need, we think we have a solution that fits. And if we don’t have it from stock, we know that we can design one for you that will make you as proud of the packaging as you are of the product within it.


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