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UK Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Christmas Shopping 2021 Predictions

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Published date: 02 November 2021

With Christmas and key shopping dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 fast approaching, everyone is getting excited about festivities and looking for shopping ideas for loved ones.

Using data around online consumer interest, we predict the biggest UK Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas spending trends of 2021.



Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 predictions: consumer demand is down, but not all sectors are affected equally

Overall, 2021 Black Friday consumer demand is predicted to decrease from 76.5 million to 66 million online searches.

Not all sectors will be affected equally when it comes to this dip. Technology and goods, supermarkets, beauty and homeware are projected to all see decreases in online interest. On the flip side, the fashion industry is seeing a post-lockdown renaissance, with an expected 13.6% demand increase as Brits refresh their wardrobes in advance of Christmas parties, cooler months and more socialising in general after many months of being cooped up indoors.

SectorYOY Market Demand Change
Technology & Goods-20.7%


One particular trend is undeniable: Black Friday 2021 will be a primarily online affair. Demand for department stores is set to plummet 31% compared to last year. This indicates how the past couple of years of lockdown restrictions and closing department stores has taken an ongoing toll on our spending habits, shifting us online over the long-term. As a result, Black Friday online spending in the UK could increase to £6.34 billion.


What items will Brits buy for Black Friday 2021?

Our research predicts the fastest-growing Black Friday shopping trends:
Black Friday 2021 TrendYOY Growth in Consumer Demand
Personalised Handbags+1722%
L.K. Bennett+803%
Festival Outfits+469%
Black Tie Dresses+449%
Cross Body Bags for Women+358%
Wedding Guest Dresses+356%
Tote Bags for Women+324%
Personalised Wash Bag+311%
Custom Keyrings+238%
Men's Designer Card Holder+226%
Plus Size Workwear+219%
Crossbody Bags for Women+218%
Silver Heels+190%
Festival Clothing+189%
Occasion Dresses+187%
Plus Size Party Dresses+187%
Women's Small Purse+186%


Adding a personal touch

Looking to add a special touch to this year’s Christmas after a long time apart from loved ones, Brits are swarming towards personalised gifts like personalised washbags (+311% YOY), custom keyrings (+238% YOY) and, this year’s biggest Black Friday trend, personalised handbags (+1722% YOY).

Dressing to impress

And with the country’s restaurants, bars and other venues reopened, the priority for many is dressing to impress. We predict a huge surge in interest for items like black tie dresses (+449% YOY) and wedding guest dresses (+359% YOY), as well as renewed love for luxury fashion brand L.K. Bennett (+803% YOY).


Market Leaders: Over 30 million go to specific brands for Black Friday 2021 shopping

Here are our predictions of the hottest brands millions of us will be heading to for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021:
BrandYOY Change in DemandTotal Forecast Demand 2021
Pandora -2.3%2,872,000
John Lewis-9.6%1,970,000
JD Sports+38.1%888,000
Morrisons -24.3%804,000
Sports Direct+9.5%782,000
New Look+3.5%462,000


Amazon remains the market leader

When it comes to bagging a Black Friday bargain, Brits flock to Amazon for its wide range of products and convenience. Even with an 18% plummet in brand demand, Amazon retains its top spot, with over 5 million total Black Friday shoppers.

Staying sporty is a priority in Winter 2021

Upholding lockdown health and fitness trends, Brits are restocking on sportswear, trainers and equipment. We predict the biggest leap in brand demand will be for JD Sports, with a 38% increase on 2020’s Black Friday demand. Competitor Sports Direct will also see an increase of around 9.5%.


Christmas shopping 2021 has already begun! Here are the top Christmas shopping trends.

Already, we’re seeing a lift in demand for Christmas items and gifts compared to last year’s lockdown-tarnished celebrations. Since September, as many as 15 million of us have already started planning Christmas celebrations online — a 734,000 increase on the same period in 2020.

Biggest Christmas Shopping Trends 2021

ItemYOY Change in Demand
Shaped Candles+1292%
Paw Patrol Bath Toys+1011%
Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar+950%
Christmas Party Dress+800%
Royal Essence Candles+760%
Fabric Advent Calendar+694%
London Luxury Candle Supplies+673%
Christmas Dresses for Women+610%
Candy Christmas Decorations+600%
Christmas Tree Dress+583%

Based on online search trend data between 1st Sept 2021 to 3rd October 2021.


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Method & Sources

Calculations on changes to online spending based upon Statista data of 2020 spending.

All other trends, data and predictions were sourced from MediaVision’s Black Friday Demand Tracker.



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