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Eco Loose Fill

  • Made from GM Free starch and is 100% compostable
  • Polystyrene chips alternative

  • 100% recyclable environmentally-friendly packaging  

  • Protective packaging for void fill 

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    Introducing eco loose fill, an alternative to polystyrene and a top choice for environmentally friendly packaging that works to protect your shipments while also protecting the planet.

    Eco loose fill to keep your goods safe 

    Crafted from renewable corn starch, this compostable (EN13432), reusable, and recyclable alternative to polystyrene offers superior performance. Unlike polystyrene, eco flo's raw materials, manufacturing process, and recyclability are environmentally superior. Eco loose fill decomposes naturally, making it a sustainable choice, and relegating oil-based, non-biodegradable polystyrene to the past. 

    Loose fill that’s kind to the environment

    The raw materials, manufacturing process and recyclability are all environmentally superior to polystyrene loose fill. Eco loose fill is made from annually renewable corn starch that is 100% home and industrial compostable (EN13432), reusable and can be recycled back into nature at the end of its life. Polystyrene is an oil-based, single-use plastic that is neither biodegradable nor easily recyclable.

    Why choose Challenge Packaging? 

    Investigating environmentally friendly alternatives to polystyrene must mean that you’re passionate about protecting the planet; so are we! Now verified Carbon Neutral to PAS 2060, sustainability is woven into our products and policies to ensure we’re doing as much as we can to promote recyclability. By continually looking into ways we can reuse old and waste packaging, as well as products that align with our carbon neutrality, we provide our customers with peace of mind when they’re in the market for packaging materials. 


    How do I pack with eco loose fill?

    Place your item on a bed of loose fill within your packaging box, and then pack the loose fill around it a small amount at a time, instead of putting it all in at once and hoping it falls into place. 

    How do I dispose of eco loose fill? 

    We recommend placing on your home compost heap if possible, or washing away with water, as they simply dissolve. 

    How quickly can I get eco loose fill delivered?

    We deliver all orders ASAP, but if you order before 3PM Monday-Thursday, your order will be placed on our 1-2 day delivery turnaround, which is our quickest. 


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